суббота, 14 января 2017 г.

The price of the Girl’s Life is150K

We are begging to help us raise the money for Daryna's cure!!!
  Greetings to all the charitable people who can’t ignore our cry for help. This is for a 15-year old girl Daryna. Just three months ago, she was a happy, active child, full of joy. Her rare and serious illness came very suddenly – Daryna began to get extremely tired of her usual physical activities and she even had a hard time walking, breathing heavily. She became very weak, showed signs of complete apathy and had frequent nose and gum bleeds. The bleeding wouldn’t stop for hours. After long and careful observations, the doctors diagnosed her with a rare disease called  Severe Aplastic Anemia that can develop fast and be fatal without proper cure. Daryna’s condition is becoming worse every day. Each week, her body requires a blood transfusion because her bone marrow cannot produce the blood cells necessary for her to survive. In her severe case of Aplastic Anemia, the doctors concluded that the only cure would be the bone marrow transplant. Darina is not an American so she can’t be treated here without insurance. At this point, our only hope is to raise funds for Darina’s cure through the charity of kind and caring people. We must rapidly raise $150,000 which is the set price of the transplant surgery. And now, it’s the set price of her life. Please! Help us raise the money to save this sweet Girl’s Life!!! 

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